Bleu Maree

Project Description | Bleu Maree - Pierrefonds

Combining privacy and freedom

With contemporary styling, the building includes 35 condominiums located on 7 floors. Units with one, two and three bedrooms and a living room are available. Endowed with an expansive fenestration, occupants will enjoy natural lighting and a magnificent panorama for the warmest possible ambiance in their home. All the project balconies face the river, and a common terrace will allow everyone to enjoy the setting at their pleasure. Among the other features are 2 elevators, additional storage spaces and parking in the basement, as well as a camera intercom system, wall-mounted or central air conditioner. Finally, following the standard established by the National Building Code, the soundproofing of the BleuMarée condos provides the desired level of intimacy and tranquility.

With respect to the layout of the living areas, the functional design of a linear kitchen, added to which are laminated cabinets and quartz or granite countertops in various colours will surely please you. At the choice of the future owners, the units offer one or two bathrooms with floors and shower walls that are covered in ceramic tiles. Ecological and contemporary, the bamboo floor, which comes from a fully renewable resource, meets both the criteria of design as well as those of durability and versatility.

Peace of mind of a certified warranty

BleuMarée offers a worry free experience thanks to its certified warranty program, more details to come.