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Les Développements Carbocan brings together experienced developer partners, contractors and investors who bring great value to the forefront with high-end residential real estate projects such as the Montmartre and the 240 Bates lofts. The achievements of Les Développements Carbocan and its partners are distinguished both by outstanding attention to detail in the execution of projects as well as the use of quality materials and state-of-the-art and reliable techniques. In full growth mode since its creation in 1982, the Montreal company has acquired an unquestioned level of experience, and offers projects that meet the needs and aspirations of future owners.

Focused on actively participating in real estate development, the Courbec company invests in various projects that contribute to positively transforming the Quebec real estate landscape. For nearly thirty years, and with the support of an experienced and multidisciplinary team, Courbec represents a valued ally in terms of strategic investment in Quebec. It maintains a close collaboration with its partners and is always on the lookout for new trends.

Galleon is a company that brings together informed and proactive investors who share common values and the desire to generate and manage high quality, innovative real estate projects. Through rigorous management and constant monitoring, Galleon and its partners create outstanding real estate projects and are able to generate maximum returns to their investors. Firmly believing that quality is the key, the company and its employees neglect no detail and make quality their greatest pride.

Construction CYBCO is a general contractor whose signature is innovation and quality. For 10 years, their many achievements in the industrial, institutional, public and commercial sectors have stood apart. The dedicated and expert team ensures that each mandate is a success at the project management level as well as its execution.