Bleu Maree

Neighbourhood Visit | Bleu Maree - Pierrefonds

Combining activities and amenities

Developed on the approaches to the Rivière des Prairies and a well equipped public park, the BleuMarée project will capture the imagination at first glance by its naturally endowed location and the panorama of remarkable beauty that it enjoys. Cleverly located facing the Rive-Boisée municipal park, the recreational and sports infrastructure including a municipal swimming pool, a large soccer field and an outdoor skating rink in winter are all accessible barely a short walk from the project. As for citizens seeking cultural and social activities, the borough offers multiple venues for entertainment and self-enrichment, since the area has two libraries, a cultural centre and other facilities hosting various shows and cultural activities. In addition, many sporting and cultural associations enliven the life of the neighbourhood with more than 1 2000 volunteers involved in the borough.

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When it comes to services and amenities, the more demanding buyer will be satisfied, because everything is there: shops and stores, professional services, schools, daycare, community services, etc.

A value-added location

In addition to activities and amenities, the geographical location of the BleuMarée condominiums makes them even more attractive. The project is located within a 5 minute walk from the Gouin Boulevard bus stop, and within 10 minutes by car from the suburban Roxboro-Pierrefonds train station on the Deux-Montagnes line, and near the main arteries, i.e. Autoroutes 40 and 13 for the quickest and easiest access.